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How to Play Draughts / The Rules of Draughts (Checkers)

The rules of draughts are quite straightforward.

The game of draughts is played on a 64 square checkerboard with eight rows of alternating dark and light colored squares.

There are two players and each begins the game with 12 draughts, each player having their own colour.

The players place their draughts on the three rows of dark squares which are closest to them.

The players then begin playing, making one move at a time.

The object of the game is to make it so the opponent can't move when it comes to their turn.

This is done by taking all of their pieces throughout the game, or blocking them so they have nowhere to move.

The single draughts can only move in a forward diagonal direction into a square without another piece in it.

If an opponents piece is in the next square, the player can jump over it and capture it, removing the piece from the board. They can only do this if the next square is empty.

Players can never jump over their own piece.

When a player makes their way all the way across the board to the other players side, their piece will be turned into a King. When this happens, one of their previously taken pieces will be put on top of the piece which made it to that side.

Once a piece is made into a king, it will be able to move forward and backward, giving it more chances to capture the opponents pieces.

A king can jump as many times as it is able to with regards to the necessary squares being unoccupied. However, kings cannot jump over pieces which are the same color as them.

The game will come to an end once a player can no longer make a move.

If both the players can't move anywhere, the game will end in a tie, or draw.

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